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With the ever increasing complexity of taxation and penalties for non-compliance, completing your tax return in a timely fashion is becoming more and more important.

By collating all your allowable expenses you can reduce the tax due on the rental income and any potential Capital Gains when the property is sold.

We prepare the following tax returns:-

  • Self assessment returns
    For anyone facing completing a self assessment tax return for the first time, it can be a daunting prospect. We can help prepare your self assessment tax return, including all relevant income such as business income, employment income or rental income.
    We will then submit your Tax return and advice you when the tax is due.
  • Income Tax returns
    You maybe be not caught by the self assessment tax return system but you may want to submit a income tax return to HM Revenue & Customs, if you are due a tax repayment.
    Tax repayments can arise for many reasons, Professional subscriptions incurred, using your own car for work, misallocation of the personal allowance, investment income being taxed at source or an error in your PAYE code.
  • Corporate tax returns
    Like individuals all Companies need to prepare and submit an annual tax return. Unlike individuals, corporate Tax Returns periods are based upon the accounting period.
  • Property Taxation
    With the rise of buy to let properties, renting out your old home (Principal Private Residence) and investments in property it is very important that you return this income correctly to HMRC.


What is the paper tax return filing deadline?

31st October after the end of the tax year.

When can I ask for my tax underpayment to be coded?

If you file your tax return before 31 December after the end of the tax year and the underpayment is less than £3,000.

How long do I have to file my corporation tax return?

12 months from the end of the Accounting period.


Complete your self assessment tax return as early as possible so that you won’t incur any late penalty charges. An early return avoids stress and hassle associated with the self assessment process.

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