Planning ahead with your company formation will help you in the future

Limited company formation

Forming a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership is relatively quick. However the formation should be planned, so there is no interruption in trade, due to the formation (if you were incorporating from a sole trader or partnership) or if commencing trade so you start trading as soon as possible.

Choosing a Name

You need to choose a name, and it can’t be exactly the same as another registered name. Companies House website lists the names in use, to see if a name has been taken. In addition you need to avoid sensitive words or words registered to trade organisations (depending on your trade etc you may be able to get permission).

Company Officers

For an LLP the officers are the Partners, for a Limited company under the 2006 companies Act a Limited company only needs one officer being a Director. However it maybe better to till have more than one Director and or a Company Secretary, to take some of the responsibilities.

Articles of Association

All Limited companies must have Articles of Association. These set out the rules Company officers must follow.

Finally, in addition to the above to form a Limited Company you will also need:-

  • Officer’s details
  • Shareholders details
  • Need a registered office address.
We can help in forming a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership, maybe quicker than you think!
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